F/W 2017-2018

On the occasion of this F\W 2017-2018 Collection, Mario Valentino celebrates again the femininity, expressing his sincere commend through a game of contrasts and contradictions enlivened by reenactments from past and present, emphasizing a new wealth where opulent aesthetics, impudent minimalism and elegant tradition cohabit in harmony.

Through fine baroque ornaments, floral embroideries and graphic elements, Mario Valentino proposes for the next winter season a collection that is a hymn to freedom and to timeless luxury, made of clothes realized in classical manufacture elaborated on modern lines following minimal silhouette with balanced volumes.

Hence, the precious furs of mink, fox and raccoon are covered with geometric patterns, a typical modern design, becoming functional outerwear, simply and exquisitely cut, while dresses in pure style retrò, realized in chamois and shiny tassels are decorate with tridimensional floral pleated inlays, homage to the tradition and to the care for details jealously preserved in the Maison’s historical files.

The journey of the contrasts enlivens and delineates the footwear collection, where extraordinary decorative luxuriance meets forms conceived in essential lines on heels in various proportions.

Must-have of the season is the over-knee boot realized in every variant, from the bicolor black & white on flat form and cleated sole to the sensual polished cuissards on stiletto heel, along with the boots in suede with fine intertwined strings.

The handmade embroideries play a fundamental role: they become precious, just like the ornamental lamé motives in typical rococo style and the more classical floral embroideries worked in extrusion to grant them depth, becoming a generous and glamorous relief.

The round cherry flowers are put on footwear in squared forms in order to maintain the sense of contrast between classical and modern; an intentionally discontinuous work based on the harmony of opposites; the embroidery is delicate and broad, no more an all over, but a mannerism.

The modern color palette aims to reinvent the tones of the nature: shiny and fading blacks dissolving in grey and lead tonalities, military greens enriched by bronze touches, the range of the red as new warm touch, along with the beige; everything is completed by the metallic shades.

A meeting between history and innovation where the ornaments and the wise artisanship are the undisputed protagonists of this collection; every creation, every detail derives from that mastery that has always countersigned Mario Valentino in leather manufacture.