The son of the visionary founder of the homonymous Company Mario Valentino Spa and current Chief Executive Officer, Enzo Valentino, is planning to create a connection between past and future, to narrate this new vision through these latest collections, rich in stylish cues from the past but totally contemporary in shapes and aptitude.

So, the “King of Leather”, the man who “used the leather as it was fabric” (the founder Mario Valentino was so acknowledged; today he would be 90 years old) is honored and remembered with the new Fall Winter 2018\2019 Collection, along with the advertising campaign representing the perfect contemporary reinterpretation of those visual codes that shaped the identity and the vigor of the trademark.

A conceptual representation that, thanks to the elegant and steady graphic resolution, transcends the conventional schemes refusing the classical studies of poses preferring the development of a storyboard permeated by instinct and instantaneous inspiration.

This is how past and future melt to portray Mario Valentino’s tout-court philosophy based on the research of the “beauty” among all those artistic declarations – painting, sculpture, architecture, interior design, photography and jewelry – that have always influenced its course in so defining an unequivocal style.