Mario Valentino proposes a Spring-Summer 2019 collection spreading freedom, dynamism and confidence on whoever wears it.

Clothes and accessories casually become part of a story, of an atmosphere, of a whole new life. These pictures instill the sensation of living in an intensified reality, in so defining the true spirit of Mario Valentino brand.

Extreme technical skills rooting in more than a century old historical sartorial perfection be-come the utmost expression of Made in Italy.Blazing colors capture the unaware protagonist during different moments of her day like a stolen shot. Our collection is fresh, young, elegant and resolute.

The pictures, filled with realism, joy and spontaneity, reflect the brand’s Italian lifestyle, with brightness and modernity.Every piece reveals a predominant attitude: the nonchalant confidence of a woman who is perfectly aware of who she is and what she wants.

Shades of pink, green, blue, traditional materials and genuinely designed furniture create a flawless stage for this shooting: the Room Mate Giulia, in Milan, is the most appropriate context of design and vintage style to enhance our collection through resolute contrasting elements.

Ph: Andrea Gandini
Stylist: Amelianna Loiacono
MUA & Hair Style: Mary Cesardi (Atomo Management)
Model: Lea Rostain (Premium Models)